Saturday, January 06, 2007

Inside the Gamer's Studio: Deathscythe of AnimeNation and Shoryuken

What are your favorite genres of games?

The genres that strike my fancy are:

Fighters, RacersRPGs, Platformers, SRPGs, Action/Adventure, Sidescrollers, Shooters

How long have you been gaming?

I've been gaming since 1989 when the Nintendo was the next step in the video game revolution after the Atari and Coleco consoles. I'm sure the Sega Master System was released around that time as well, but, I was never really familiar with it per se. So, if the math is done right, I've been gaming for 18 years.

What is it that you like about gaming now?

Hmm....that's a pretty tough question because there is so much out there in terms of gaming. But, there is so little that sticks out and make's you wonder "Wow, from 8-bit graphics to near-reality. The difference is really there."

I would consider the gameplay factors and graphical output of every game to be something I love about gaming nowadays. A game like Metal Gear Solid that was introduced to the world in the fall/winter of 1998 really caught me off guard. I never played any of the old school Metal Gear games. But, the sheer brilliance of the gameplay, and the engrossing story, you're left wondering, "Holy Goddamn, if this is the next evolution in gaming. Then, I'm gonna go broke." Of course, there were games like Resident Evil and Final Fantasy VII that broke the mold. But, to me, MGS1 stood out as the single most important gaming experience of the Saturn/PSX/N64 era. It changed the plateau of gaming forever. Maturity in a game finally arrived.

I would consider that one of the reasons why I dig gaming in the current era. I still hold the classics dear to my heart like Mario Bros. 3, TMNT 4: Turtles In Time and Streets of Rage 2. But, when you step your game up and deliver an experience that can't be forgotten, you just can't look back ever again.

What is it that you liked about gaming in the past?

The simplicity. The fun. The concept of eating a mushroom and growing large. But, those things will never compare to the fighting game scene in the late 90's and early this millenium. Oh my God, that was the most fun I've ever had in terms of gaming. As a fighting game fan growing in the 90's it was a blessing to have such an abundance of fighting games and arcade locations to compete at.

Fighting games were at their peak last decade. The friends I made, the enemies I encountered. It was awesome. There's no better feeling than victory. Unfortunately, I didn't get to compete on a national level because I was fairly young(13 at the time) when I was playing Marvel vs. Capcom 1. It was the first fighter I took seriously because I decided to finally learn Street Fighter the right way.

The scene lives by a thread through smaller outlets around the United States. But, in Japan, it's as strong as it was yesteryear. We can only pray for the day where competitive Street Fighter makes a return to the mainstream.

What is your biggest gripe about gaming now?

I could talk about the fighting game scene again. But, it would only make me flustered. So, I'll mention the Next Generation talk that has been happening these past few months throughout the internet and physiological gatherings at your local Gamestop.

Before, we used to have the rivalry before Nintendo and Sega. It was awesome. Two great consoles with their great exclusives. No problems there. It was a fun time to be a gamer. Nowadays, you have Xbox fanboys, Sony fanboys and Nintendo fanboys. Hardcore. We're talking pure hatred in the greatest font you can ever find on your MS Word program.

It's pretty bad when you have all of this division going on between fans because of whose system is the bigger seller and how powerful the graphics are. People fail to realize that in the long run, we're the winners because we have so much to look forward to in terms of gaming. All these systems. All of these games. Sure, money is an issue and sometimes you have to stick to your guns. But, don't hate on someone just because they're buying an Xbox360. I'll admit, I'm not a MS fan. BUT, I've been convinced that the 360 has something to offer. And I want it. Same goes with the Wii. Sometimes you just gotta wait it out and see what the system will bring to you. And if it doesn't, then let it be.

Anything that you would look for in gaming in the future?

Street Fighter 4. It's a longshot. But, it's something I've been looking forward to since SF3 came out in 1999. And if not, more fighting games in America that need exposure: Virtua Fighter 5. The future is now. Right now.

Thanks for your time, Deathscythe.

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